Since 2005 DAL MEDICO SIMONE's firm offers to its costumers the possibility to move in the traffic roads with a complete safety, without traffic block problems, placing at your disposal smart and descreet car drivers on time.
DAL MEDICO SIMONE's firm ensures every type of cars availability and every destination thanks to the members of a team, having the same quality standards.

N.C.C. TAXI DAL MEDICO: class facilities for your business leisure travels, using all comforts cars: Luxury-, Mini-Vans, Ceremony-cars, Bus and Minibus (50 or 16/18 seats), covering every destination, having smart and discreet drivers, that take care about everything concerning your travel, in order to make it agreable, with a priceless tranquillity feeling.

Rent a car whit driver means facilities required from a customer kind having the need of safe and relaxing movings, without problems, to this purpose the 'rent a car with driver facilities' offer cars equipped with all comforts to make travels easier each time.

Reat a car with driver: to whom?

'Rent a car with driver' is a facility dedicate to travellers, business men, tourists, people having spare time, happenings and shows, ceremonies and bridle ceremonies, and to all the situations that you don't want to drive! Now, even than more, a business man needs to bring himself up to date whit his business while travelling, to receive and trasmit data, to read and answer e-mails, or simply to take a rest: all that's impossible while you are driving, or you will have to stop many times, making the travel hard and longer.
A qualified 'rent a car facility' erases all these problems!



Business hours: min. 4 - 8 hours

Additional charges: Sunday and public holiday: 10%
 night 22:00 - 6:00: 20%

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